Welcome to Joseph’s Podcast Reviews

Welcome Friends…

Joseph Cooper born in Liverpool city centre and currently living in Sweden not far from Uppsala.

This review site is designed to share my reflections on various topics.

An avid researcher and consumer of podcasts, the aim is just to share what I find with visitors to this site.

I also will be examining my passion for Everton Football Club.

Being an Evertonian sometimes feels like a curse, it is a bittersweet obsession that is always tinged with the hope, that maybe, one day soon, we can return to the glory days of the 1980’s.

As all Evertonian’s know, if you know your history it’s enough to make your heart go…

We annually get lifted up then dashed down again. It is the hope that draws us on.

Now we are Carlo’s army and in Carlo we trust.

I will be reporting on the 2020/21 pre-season, upcoming Premier League and Cup shenanigans.


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