Via Negativa: Proclus

There are some key figures and topics that I will bring into focus in the next few posts, starting with Proclus.

A theme will emerge of later writers reflecting upon (or in some instances impersonating) earlier writers, in creative, enlightening ways.

The relationships of:

Plato to Proclus

Proclus to Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite

Neoplatonism to Christianity

How Christianity, Islam, and Judaism assimilated key Hellenistic concepts, like for example apophasis, trying to understand the transcendent by what it is not.

Via negativa. To use the Latin term.

Watching this lecture by Pierre Grimes sparked so many links in my own past learning and made things clear that before had been vague.

Truly enlightening!

Pierre Grimes: Proclus

If you watch the video lecture through to the end consider the following image:

Altarpiece No. 1, Group X
Hilma af Klint (1915)

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