Paragraphs Drupal ModuleI am currently road testing page layouts using the "Paragraphs" Module in Drupal 8.

I recently decided to fully concentrate on Drupal 8, as there are so many advantages to using Drupal 8, especially for responsive layout design.

In the Drupal world there are "Themers", "Site Builders" and "Backend Developers", I consider myself the latter of these three.

I like to lay the foundations for the "Site Builders" and "Themers" to do their work.

Though there are projects on very limited budgets when the client expects, or desires that they get all three of the above for the price of one.... so of course one has to be able to provide what the client requires, within reason within the budget provided.

The "Paragraphs" module is an excellent module (but in my opinion confusingly named, it has little to do with paragraphs).

"Paragraphs" enables stylish landing page layout designs, that are fully responsive and giving great design versatility.

The developer can also set up pages so the client can fully edit the landing page sections. 

The "Paragraphs" module is a great leap forward in page layout design in Drupal 8.