Omar Suleiman

For me syncretism is key, drawing upon wisdom from all traditions, and not being afraid to adopt values from others’ traditions, whilst questioning and challenging when the values one cherishes and holds to be solid are threatened.

It was heartening to listen to this discussion and find so much I hold to be true, whilst being able to respectfully pass on aspects which exceed what I have “faith” in.

Paradise as afterlife… Spoken in literal terms, is difficult for me to engage with, but there is so much in this conversation I am fully in tune with.

At root, I believe in monotheism and equality, and that all people Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, whatever belief system should be able to live in dignity, peace and equality.

Also, so refreshing to hear an appeal for Justice for the Palestinians, on such a platform.

I hope today as I have hoped and worked for in the past, that there can one day be security, peace, and justice for all people in the Middle East.

All forms of belligerent ethno-nationalism and racism. are wrong.

All forms of apartheid are wrong.

So, refreshing to hear that stated so strongly in this discussion.

The word “dialogue” is often misunderstood to mean a conversation between two people. But the actual root of the word means “Logos”—the Word or divine wisdom—comes through (“dia”). There is a potential in dia-logos for something to happen between us that is both sacred and meaningful.

John Vervaeke
Lex Fridman – Omar Suleiman

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