Intellectual Yoga: Alan Watts

When I met my partner over 10 years ago, I was taken by her dedication to Hatha Yoga.

6.30 every morning and much study and investigation over many years including a trip to India have marked her particular “Union” Yoga, that works perfectly for her.

I personally have my own methods and was greatly influenced by listening to Alan Watts and attending a night course on Buddhism and Hinduism back in the 90’s.

Alan Watts defined what the word Yoga means for me, and outlined the various forms of Yoga.

Watts, Yoga, Karate

Watts explained the different aspects of:

Hatha Yoga

Jnana Yoga

Bhakti Yoga

Karma Yoga

Mantra Yoga

Raja Yoga

Tantra Yoga

What I took from my understanding of Alan Watts was that I did not need a Guru or a Yoga class.

All I needed was an understanding of my being and consciousness in the process.

What Joseph Campbell in my previous post explained as Satcitananda that awareness of Being, Consciousness, Bliss.

Then I could find “Union” my “Yoke” in my daily moments of meditation, contemplation (Raja).

In my work, engrossed in the “flow” of filming and editing documentaries and training Shotokan Karate to Purple Belt (Karma).

In my relationship (Tantra).

In my love of learning and Philosophy (Jnana).

Everday life can be experienced as sacred and put us in “Union” and I do not personally feel the need for a Guru or Cleric to help me with that.

Though I do seek out teachers of wisdom.

The video above is a juxtaposition of Shotokan Karate warm up exercises and Alan Watts explaining the various forms of Yoga.

I still use this video from time to time to move my body and my consciousness.

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