Here we go again: Everton v Southampton

Carlo has left, Rafa has arrived and today we start a new chapter.

Unlike a lot of Everton fans I am fully content with the current situation and support Rafa Benitez’s appointnent as Everton manager.

We have started work on the new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock and I see Rafa Benitez as the right manager to bring European football to the club prior to the completion of the stadium.

Everton are currently hamstrung by the Premier League financial regulations, having overspent and spent unwisely over the past three years.

Everton must offload about five players who are not in Rafa Benitez’s plans before new recruitment can take place.

Everton have brought in wingers Demarai Gray, Andros Townsend and goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, using money for these three signings by selling Bernard.

That was a shrewd set of transactions by Marcel Brands and I am sure we will see more good work from him before the transfer window closes.


In his press conference yesterday Rafa Benitez stated that there are currently five squad members in “isolation” and not in contention for selection for the game against Southampton. Benitez left us to ponder upon who those five players may be.

I suspect those five players may not all be in isolation due to Covid restrictions. But also possibly due to the transfer situations of certain players and other problems.

My guess on the five isolated players:

  • James Rodriguez
  • Moise Kean
  • Andre Gomes
  • Fabien Delph
  • Gylfi Sigurdsson

For various reasons, I cannot see these five players being in Rafa Benitez’s plans for the coming campaign.

Benitez knows that a substantial proportion of the fanbase did not welcome his appointment, so he will only go forward with squad members who are 100% committed to Everton this season.

I think this will mean a zero tolerance to anything less than total commitment in training and to winning matches from the manager.

This is why I think Rafa Benitez is the perfect manager for Everton at this point in time and I am confident he will be a better fit for Everton than Carlo Ancelotti.

We will be fitter, better coached and more of team under Benitez in my opinion.

My prediction for today’s game

Everton 3 Southampton 1

I am intrigued to see how Rafa Benitez sets us up this afternoon and expect to see a possible 4, 2, 3, 1 formation.

Would like to see a strong JP Gbamin playing at number 6, but can only hope until that becomes a reality.

Would also like to see Demarai Gray and Andros Townsend have positive starts to their Everton careers at Goodison Park.

Excited for the game this afternoon…



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