Being, Transjectivity, Merleau-Ponty, Skillful Coping

So enjoyed this lecture by John Vervaeke.

Now, at 66 I have tried to integrate the practice of “skillful coping” since tentivately grasping the intense relevance of Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty’s ontological positions back in the late 1980s and how I could “frame” daily challenges and attempt to negotiate them.

Vervaeke on Neoplatonism

Having recently overcome “another”, what would be considered by some, terrifying situation, as another “mundane” problem to be skillfully coped with.

This lecture highlights what John Vervaeke posits as “being” that is transjectively participating in assigning relevance to events that are “ising” around them.

This meditative, cognitive, framing of adverse life challenges as problems to be skillfully participated with and coped with, that the non-duality of “me” of the “agent in arena” scenario of a sudden triple bypass open heart surgery, is, of course, just another event/happening to be skillfully coped with. Within a sense of oneness.

This allowed me to position the situation, by submitting to, surrendering to, the “oneness” of the situation, this allowed me to calmly just let the process be and be at one with any outcome.

This is where Vervaeke ties together Neoplatonism, Cognitive Psychology, Philosophy and “The One”.

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