Corpus Hermeticum: Further Reflections on Syncretism

My interest is in how writers deal with ideas from the past and how ideas are appropriated, borrowed, stolen, and rewritten. Syncretism. So the focus here on Marsilio Ficino and his involvement in the development of the Corpus Hermeticum. Click on the link below for more on Marsilio Ficino from Peter Adamson Marsilio Ficino

Omar Suleiman

For me syncretism is key, drawing upon wisdom from all traditions, and not being afraid to adopt values from others’ traditions, whilst questioning and challenging when the values one cherishes and holds to be solid are threatened. It was heartening to listen to this discussion and find so much I hold to be true, whilst …

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Via Negativa: Proclus

There are some key figures and topics that I will bring into focus in the next few posts, starting with Proclus. A theme will emerge of later writers reflecting upon (or in some instances impersonating) earlier writers, in creative, enlightening ways. The relationships of: Plato to Proclus Proclus to Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite Neoplatonism to Christianity …

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Plotinus, The Good, The One: Pierre Grimes

I seek out teachers who can mediate, articulate, point to, direct, to a greater understanding of things that ultimately cannot be understood Pierre Grimes in this lecture teases out the elements of Plotinus’s system by raising the question of what is the “it” that perceives/senses its environment and what is the relationship of that “it” …

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I would like to direct anyone reading this to a free reference resource for anyone interested in Neoplatonism. Librivox is a great source of audiobooks and I have collated a wonderful shelf of audiobooks that are accessible online on my phone to listen to at any time. It is useful can go through the various …

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