About Joseph

Joseph Cooper

Joseph Cooper is a Drupal Developer - Media Producer with over 30 years experience within a wide range of platforms, languages and frameworks.

A problem solver, who develops solutions to solve complex problems.

Joseph also enjoys providing solutions that break new ground in the development of projects. 

With a background in psychology, communications, broadcasting and multi-media production

Joseph could be the ideal Developer / Producer / Problem Solver you have been looking for.

Problems are there to be solved and solved in ways that open up new opportunities and new possibilities.

Joseph lives close to Lake Mälaren, just an hour from Stockholm.

Recent Projects

2nd May to 31st July 2018

Set up two Drupal installations with bespoke multi-site governance/management systems.



for the Swedish NGO Human Rights and Science

Joseph's Blog


groupsI chose to set up Groups within two recent Drupal installations.

The two sandbox installations are currently being tested for proposed new sites.

One involves Groups being used for oversees Programme Management and the other test site has Groups set up for organising the administrative needs of a complex NGO.

Paragraphs Module

Paragraphs Drupal ModuleI am currently road testing page layouts using the "Paragraphs" Module in Drupal 8.

I recently decided to fully concentrate on Drupal 8, as there are so many advantages to using Drupal 8, especially for responsive layout design.

In the Drupal world there are "Themers", "Site Builders" and "Backend Developers", I consider myself the latter of these three.